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Hold Fast to Your Dreams


£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

BGA Instructors Manual

  BGA Instructors Manual   This new, fourth edition of the definitive gliding instructo..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Advanced Soaring Made Easy Edition 4

 A theoretical knowledge about gliding. It not only covers all sources of energy for soaring but it ..

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Adventures of a Half-Baked Chicken Hearted Granny Glider Pilot

 Mary Meagher was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey under the sign of Aquarius, and lived at Park Pl..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Beyond Gliding Distance

        Beyond gliding distance - stepping out of your comfort zone Author:  Flavio Formosa   ..

£29.50 Ex Tax: £29.50

BGA Manual - Gliding-Theory of Flight

 The Official manual of the world famous British Gliding Association, Gliding;  Theory of Flight..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00

Bronze and Beyond - A Glider Pilots Guide

By John McCullagh, what every British cross country pilot should know. This review is from: Bronze ..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Dancing With The Wind

 The first book dedicated exclusively and exhaustively to slope, ridge and wave flying, with the ver..

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Flight Instructors Manual

Flight Instructors Manual by R.D.CampbellFlight Instructors Manual by R.D.Campbell - This traini..

£32.50 Ex Tax: £32.50

Gliding - From Passenger to Pilot

This is now the second edition from Steve Longland and one of the most popular books for beginners. ..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £16.99

Gliding Granny on Final Approach

GLIDING GRANNY on FINAL APPROACH by Mary Meagher. Full colour photos and paintings throu..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Lift & G-Sink

New release from Kev Atkinson, Successful and efficient thermalling is the key to enjoying local so..

£39.95 Ex Tax: £39.95

Meteorology & Flight

In-depth guide to weather and how it affects flying. Covering both large- and small-scale weather sy..

£19.00 Ex Tax: £19.00

The Glider Pilots Manual

  A brand new publication, Stewart will give you all the information required to safely progress fro..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

The Soaring Engine Vol One

 There are many books on soaring, plenty on "how to fly gliders" and even some on flying across coun..

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