InFlight Plumbing

InFlight Plumbing

This one is for the gents only. Ladies - your system is on its way.  No more worries about in-flight drainage. No more distractions dealing with pee-bags, tubes or even a desperate rush back to the airfield. No more holding back from drinking water in flight ‘just in case’.

Distraction and dehydration can seriously impact on concentration and decision making. This is an ecologically friendly and proven solution to a well known problem that  gives the glider pilot a means of maintaining a very high degree of comfort, concentration and reduced workload during any flight where natural bladder function can get in the way.


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In Flight Plumbing-Starter Pack

This is a special offer trial/starter pack, it includes 2 Sheathes and 2 disposable collection bags...

£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67

In Flight Plumbing Kit

These sheaths are condom-like devices designed to keep men dry and comfortable during long flights. ..

£31.50 Ex Tax: £26.25

Sheath Pack of 10

This is a pack of 10 sheathes only, the bag is not included ( your glider may already have it's own ..

£25.95 Ex Tax: £21.63

2 Liter Bag

Re-usable 2 liter collector bag with non-return valve, drain valve and flexible tube...

£14.30 Ex Tax: £11.92

50 Bio-Degradable Pee Bags

The enviromentally friendly way for those who prefere to continue to use pee bags. the bags measure ..

£6.95 Ex Tax: £5.79

Sheath Size Chart

Simply place the chart in your shopping basket, complete the free purchase and you will receive an e..

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

Single use 2 Liter Bag

2 liter collector bag with non-return valve and connecting tube. This is a single use disposable bag..

£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.08