50 Bio-Degradable Pee Bags

50 Bio-Degradable Pee Bags

The enviromentally friendly way for those who prefere to continue to use pee bags. the bags measure 23cm wide by 30cm deep. The bags are manufactured with an additive (TDPA®) which causes the bag to degrade*. Conventional plastic materials are extremely resistant to degradation and biodegradation and persist in the environment for decades, or even centuries.

Each pack contains 50 bags.

TDPA® works by way of the oxo-biodegradation process, which occurs in two stages. In the first stage, TDPA® accelerates the plastic degradation process by several orders of magnitude, whereby the long polymer molecules are reduced to shorter and shorter lengths and undergo oxidation (oxygen groups attach themselves to the polymer molecules). This process is triggered by heat (elevated temperatures found in landfills or composting), UV light (a component of sunlight) and mechanical stress (e.g. wind or compaction in a landfill). Oxidation causes the molecules to become hydrophilic (water- attracting) and small enough to be ingestible by micro-organisms, setting the stage for biodegradation to begin.

In the second stage, biodegradation occurs in the presence of moisture and mcro-organisms typically found in the environment. The plastic material is completely broken down into the residual products of the biodegradation process. As micro-organisms consume the degraded plastic, carbon dioxide, water, and biomass are produced and returned to nature by way of the biocycle.

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