Wing Stand

Wing Stand

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Our new design wing stand at an excellent price. Available in two sizes to suit any glider wing geometry. Made from lightweight steel tubing and the under wing pad from tough high density foam which will form to any wing profile. The pad is finished in hard wearing PVC. Each stand will support up to 50kg, they are sturdy, light and easily stored. The smaller version is suited to low wing gliders ASW19, Cirrus etc. The larger will be better for Discus 2, Duo etc. The higher version can also be shortened by approximately 20cm  by cutting down  the center shaft.

Buy a pair and save £20.00!


     SIZE                                        SMALL                            LARGE

WORKABLE HEIGHT                 70 - 110CM                    120 - 185cm
(SAFETY PIN LOCATED)                                                    100 - 165cm, when cut.

LEG SPREAD                               65CM                              95cm

WEIGHT                                        4KG                                 6Kg

LOAD CAPACITY                         50KG                              50Kg


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