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New release from Kev Atkinson,

Successful and efficient thermalling is the key to enjoying local soaring and also venturing further afield into the realms of cross-country flying. This book aims to help all glider pilots to develop these skills and to either improve their cross-country performances or to begin flying cross-country tasks.

Many glider pilots never make the transition from first solo to the exciting challenges of cross-country flying due to a lack of knowledge and confidence. This book should help you to develop your thermalling skills and give you a building-block approach geared towards improving all aspects of your gliding so that you can confidently fly cross-country.

Kevin Atkinson has a lifetime of experience in aviation, but gliding is his first love. A former Chief Flying Instructor at the Humber Gliding Club, he has flown in aeroplanes as diverse as the Tiger Moth and the Typhoon!His flying career started with the RAF in 1972, at the age of twenty, and ended in 1993, when he retired as a Commanding Officer at Central Flying School. He followed this with sixteen years flying for BAe Systems, instructing both students and Qualified Flying Instructors. However, despite what must be considered by many to have been  a fantastic career in aviation, he considers that his most challenging and rewarding flights have all been in gliders!Kevin currently spends most of his free weekends gliding, more often than not instructing pilots in the art of flying cross-country. This book combines his passion for gliding with his enormous instructional experience to provide the glider pilot with all the essential advanced techniques required in order to glide competently and confidently cross-country.

At 200 pages and in hardcover this book is bursting with information and detailed diagrams ( not full of pretty glider pictures!) This is a must have for all cross country pilots.

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