Gliding Granny on Final Approach

Gliding Granny on Final Approach

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GLIDING GRANNY on FINAL APPROACH by Mary Meagher. Full colour photos and paintings throughout the book – a gift anyone will enjoy. Mary Meagher, although born in the USA, is a British Pilot, and carries two passports. She began flying at Booker Gliding Club at the advanced age of 50, way back in 1983, and since then has done over 3,000 hours, that's 1,800 hours in gliders, and 1,200 hours in power. Most of these hours were either instructing or tugging up gliders, so if you counted all those take offs and landings ....too many to count altogether! Her longest flight in the UK was 511 kilometers, airborne for 8 hours and 53 minutes. The highest, at the Deeside Gliding Club in wave, and in the same Pegasus glider, was 20,300 feet. She gained an instrument rating in the US, making it easier to visit grandchildren in Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. She represented Great Britain in the Women's European Championships in the Soviet Union in 1989, and finished next to last. “The book does make very good reading....” Bruce Hopkins “How fortunate you have been to have maintained and enjoyed an electrifying, dynamic and magic atmosphere throughout your adventure into flying” Norman Smith Price includes postage

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