The Soaring Pilots Manual

The Soaring Pilots  Manual

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Following the Great Success of The Glider Pilot's Manual, Ken Stewart has now written this sequel which advances the reader from elementary flying to becoming a confident soaring pilot.

This is one of the best books on the subject of how to soar, rather than the mechanics of getting up and down in one piece; it's quite easy to read but requires concentration in some places.
Section 1 covers the physics of lift generation in simple terms (thermals, hill lift, wave lift, etc.) and how to use each lift source effectively, but section 2 is most interesting because it discusses cross-country soaring in some detail (task selection, cross country flying, speed flying, dolphin flying, navigation, turning points etc.). The text includes a useful selection of anecdotes that illustrate some of the points and make them easier to remember. Overall, an excellent book. 

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